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Action watersports in the winter/ fall can be a cold, really really cold! With cold air and low water temperatures it’s crucial to keep your core warm.  The 9 BFT Aurora UNISEX jacket is made of 3MM neoprene, adding an additional layer to keep you extra warm.  Making your sessions extra comfortable and enjoyable again.  

Reduce your windchill.
Body heat warms up the air around us but in windy conditions the airflow takes away a lot of that heat. Making it harder and harder to stay warm.  This phenomenon we call wind chill. 
When you wear a 9 BFT AURORA Jacket you will create a pocket of warm air within the jacket keeping you extra warm. Due to this additional layer the windchill won't affect you as much as it would with just a wetsuit.
Wearing a 9 BFT AURORA Jacket can increase your session duration by 300%

Increase your visibility, increase your safety! 
Dark skies, cold weather, reduced amount of daylight all factors to keep in mind when riding in wintertime.
The 9 BFT AURORA jacket is designed with bright colors and reflection strips. We've done this to make sure your visibility is as high as possible.
Even the printing on the 9 BFT AURORA Jacket is made with a special reflection paint this paint lights up when a light source shines on it. 
When things go wrong and you are in the water all by yourself, it's crucial rescue services will find you as fast as possible. increasing your visibility will increase your chances for survival.

Exercising with the 9 BFT AURORA Jacket
Due to the shape  of the jacket you will be able to comfortably wear it while riding  / excersising. Wear it on the beach or on the water.   
We've added a special zipper for those who wear harnesses during their watersports think of kitesurfers and windsurfers.  
You can choose to wear your harness over or under the jacket.
The main zipper of the jacket is slightly offset  to make sure you can wear your harness as you are always doing it.

The 9 BFT AURORA jacket the perfect neoprene jacket for anyone who loves to ride year round. Developed by and for the true watersportsmen and women

9 BFT AURORA Wetsuit jacket.
9 BFT AURORA Neoprene jacket

FEMALE MODEL: 171CM - Wears size S/M  (SIZE M womens wetsuit)


You'll always fit 2 sizes 1 size normal size and 1 size larger ! 
For tight fit choose 1 size normal size. 

If you are a kite / windsurfer and you want to wear a harness UNDER your 9 BFT Aurora jacket purchase 1 size larger than you'd normally would.

The fit of this product is: Tight



XS / (S)

160 – 168 CM

S / (M)

168 – 175 CM

M / (L)

175 – 185 CM

L / (XL)

185 – 193 CM

XL / (XXL)

193 – 200 CM

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