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BFT creates active sports gear that is durable, of the highest quality and as eco-friendly as possible. Using environmental friendly materials and recycled plastic. It is no surprise 9BFT wetsuits are OEKO-TEX 100 meaning it is very environmental friendly! When you design something you better do it right! 9BFT has a team that love their active lifestyle. Kitesurfing, surfing, supping, foiling, wakeboarding or any other active watersport, we wanted to create a wetsuit that can match your active lifestyle without limitations in flexibility and manoeuvrability .  

The Africana  wetsuit series is made with Limestone CR grade neoprene.  CR grade is the highest quality level of neoprene there is today.  Known for its flexibility, warmth and durability.
The Africa wetsuit is fully double lined which means both sides of the neoprene is covered with a layer of super stretchy material to prevent the neoprene from damaging.
All seams are glued and blind stitched with a glued neopene lining on the inside of the wetsuit.  This is unique as most companies use heat tape on the inside of the wetsuit. Lining the inside with additional glue and pieces of actual neoprene makes the wetsuit very water tide.  Keeping the warmth in and the cold water out. 
Due to the large areas of fine skin it’s not needed to liquid tape the seams with additional rubber. Pieces of rubber may come off the wetsuit and polluting the oceans. We don’t want to do that!

All parts double lined parts of the wetsuit are made with recycled plastic super stretch material. The inside contains our heat shield on both the front and back of your core. The panel cut makes is perfected to keep your movements free and fluid. Without that annoying feel something is holding you back. The inside is covered with super soft and comfy  terry cloth.  This is anti bacterial and doesn't take up water!  Making this a wetsuit that dries fast so it's ready for your next adventure.
Due to the bright colors the wetsuit also increases your visibility in the water.  This increases your safety level.
The Zipper is on the front side of the wetsuit for easy accessing.


  • Style

    Front zip  3 MM

  • Materials

    Limestone neoprene CR / Super stretch / Heat shield / terry

  • Neck inside

    Smooth skin 

  • Zipper


  • Seam features

    GBS | Inside neoprene taped

  • Inner

    Heat shield | Terry 

  • Available sizes

    S  | M | MT | L 

  • Ankle velcrostraps


  • Features

    • Front zip
    • Taped seams
    • Fine skin arm cuffs
    • Fine skin 

Size chart (Women) 


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