Set a goal, train hard and reach new heights. 9 Beaufort is here to support your active lifestyle.
We love nature, wind, water but we also love indoor sports.  At 9 Beaufort we believe you can excel in any sport even without limiting yourself to just 1 sport.

Surf the wave, fly your kite, Ride your bike, Lift your weights, Run like you never ran before. An active lifestyle will bring you places you’ve never been. Just go out there and get in the zoen.
Whatever you do don’t limit yourself to just 1 activity! You are great, we’ve got your back.  9 Beaufort in your sails!  Go on hit hard like storm!

9 Beaufort.

Our mission

Get up! Challenge yourself you can do this!  Go beyond your imagination... you are an athlete.
Go explore the world in an active way.