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es here it is the 9BFT COURAGE.  Our newly designed womens wetsuits!  An all new sizechart to make it fit your body more perfectly.
Designed for Summer / fall in the "cold" waters of northern Europe.

The Courage wetsuits are specifically designed for surf sports and those that demand the most of their wetsuits.  Kitesurfers, windsurfers, wingers all riders who will benefit from the 9 beaufort Supreme wetsuits. 

Fully double lined to prevent any damage to the super flexible limestone neoprene. Large kneepads for the moments things just don’t go your way. The bright orange parts add to your visibility and will make it easier for the rescue services and your friends to find you.
By changing the panel layouts and thicknesses in specific areas we've given the SUPREME 2 wetsuits even more flexibility.  

The Courage wetsuit series is made with Limestone CR grade neoprene.  CR grade is the highest quality level of neoprene there is today.  Known for its flexibility, warmth and durability.
The Courage  wetsuit is fully double lined so the neoprene is protected from scuffs, cuts, wear. Our new exterior. Doesn’t take up any water and is therefore warmer than ever before. the wind-chill factor is brought down to a minimum.
All seams are glued and blind stitched with a glued neoprene lining on the inside of the wetsuit.  This is unique as most companies use heat tape on the inside of the wetsuit. Lining the inside with additional glue and pieces of actual neoprene makes the wetsuit very watertight.  Keeping the warmth in and the cold water out. 

All parts double lined parts of the wetsuit are made with recycled plastic super stretch material. The inside contains our new heat shield on both the front and back of your core . This  anti bacterial fabric doesn't take up water, keeping you really really warm!  Making this a wetsuit that dries fast, so it's ready for your next adventure.  The panel cut is perfected to keep your movements free and fluid. Without that annoying feel something is holding you back.


  • Style

    Womens Frontzip 4/3 MM

  • Materials

    Limestone neoprene CR / Super stretch / Heat shield 

  • Neck inside

    Soft Neoprene

  • Zipper


  • Seam features

    GBS | Inside taped

  • Inner

    Heat shield | Terry 

  • Available sizes

     S | M  | MT | L | 

  • Ankle velcrostraps


  • Features

    • Drain holes
    • Shoulder toggle (elastic)
    • Neck adjustable
    • Heat shield 



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