We just love spending our days active in nature on the water or just doing sports.  Driven by our passion for nature and sports.  9 beaufort was created.  
Using our experience as professional athletes, creators, business owners to set a new standard.  We love the planet! We use it as our playground to do the things we love.  
With that in mind we’ve created a brand that takes care of the planet by using natural materials & long lasting materials. 

More and more people are locked into their screens.  We want to make it easier to go out there and explore!
Pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible.  Whether it’s in the gym or in Nature.  We’ve got you covered.

Our vision - watersports

We truly love watersports!  Kitesurfing, winging, windsurfing,  surfing.  If it’s on the water we’re doing it.  Our passion for watersports made us create the most flexible, durable and visible neoprene wear out there.

Our watersport lineup is developed with limestone neoprene. A eco-friendly material that has a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional petrolium based neoprene. 
For safety reasons we’re adding a lot of color to our designs. Making the sports we love so dearly safer. You will definitely stand out within the crowds.
We love nature and we love the water! Let’s take care of our plane and have the greatest sessions together.
We all know life begins at 9 Beaufort – right.

Sometimes you should just take the risk and follow your passion. It took us over 10 years to get it right!
Founder, Owner

Go explore!  Just go out there and do something you love.  With 9 beaufort active wear you are covered for any adventure.  whether it’s in the gym, yoga studio or outside.  We’ve created clothing that fits an active lifestyle. 

Drop all the screens and go out there do whatever you love

An active lifestyle will give you the best of what life has to offer.  More adventures, more joy and above all a healthier body.
What are you waiting for 

Activate your life today.

There is always something to do but you just have to drop it and do what you love doing. Go explore, you're made for it.
Girl kitesurfing in 9 beaufort wild thing wetsuit
9BFT clothing legging sporty type style